Blake Griffin and the Kia Optima are rewriting history…again

April 7th, 2015 by

If Blake Griffin were a history teacher, the school board would have been up-in-arms by now. First he conquered the West with a team of 274 “horses”, and now he has joined the ranks of the mighty Roman army–only replacing the iconic golden chariot for something more aggressively styled. Simply, Blake Griffin is rewriting our ancestral past with his flair for modernized, impressively-designed transportation.

Blake’s favored transportation choice? Of course, the 2015 Kia Optima.

With the Optima, Kia backs-up good looks with weighty interior amenities. The Kia Optima strives to impress onlookers but keeps its drivers smiling brightly. That’s why the 274 horsepower engine, panoramic sunroof and HID headlights find a home in the Kia Optima.

Ever wonder what it is like to drive a high-end sedan? Well, now you can on your budget with this impeccable yet highly-affordable Kia model. Rewrite history with us at Commonwealth Kia in Lawrence, MA.

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