Commonwealth Kia is Ready for the New 2016 Optima

May 18th, 2015 by

It’s almost new-release season which means we here at our Lawrence, MA are getting ready to welcome the upcoming 2016 edition of the Kia Optima with open arms. You might think it’s hard to approve upon the already stunning 2015 edition that you can test drive over here right now, but Kia has managed to pull off the seemingly impossible. Press play to watch the recent reveal of the 2016 Optima.

Redesigned with every little detail in the mind of the designers and engineers, the new 2016 Optima takes the idea of an affordable yet high-performance and stylish sedan to the next level. We won’t bore you with all the intricate details, but as you can tell from the video above, there’s going to be a lot that you’ll love about the 2016 Optima.

Drive on over to Commonwealth Kia today and find out more.

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