Kia Unleashes the Sexy Hamsters for the 2015 Soul EV

August 21st, 2014 by

When you think of the Kia Soul, chances are you probably think of hamsters. Not because the car is like a hamster in any way, but because it’s got mad swag, just like the hamsters in the brand’s famous line of Soul commercials. There is, however, one difference about the most recent one the brand put out: sexy hamsters.

That’s right, folks. In the latest spot for Kia’s all-new EV, the dancing hamsters shed their swagtastic clothes and get a little nerdy. Their goal: to create a long range EV with no shortage of swag. However, their efforts are briefly interrupted when their EV-creating laser beam accidentally creates them an immensely attractive female hamster in skin tight leather.

If you think our new Kia lineup is sexy (or if you think it will suit your driving needs), drop by ourLawrence, MA dealership. We’d be pleased to sign you up for a test drive.

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