Kia is Opening the Doors with New Concept Car

December 14th, 2016 by

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Kia plans to make some serious moves in the next decade according to the newest concept car they’ve unveiled recently. This concept car is much more than anyone could have expected to show up at a vehicle show anytime soon, but Kia is determined to stay ahead of the curve. Keep reading to find out more about the next level of driving experiences to be provided by Kia.

Autonomously in Sync

This year, Kia unveiled the Kia Soul First Class during the 2016 SEMA show. The car is to produce a completely autonomous driving experience that allows drivers to kick back and relax while en route to their destinations.

Self-titling itself as an “upscale inner-city chariot,” the Kia Soul First Class is set to come with plenty of comfort and tech features readily to be enjoyed by up to teo passengers. Without the need for a steering wheel, the concept car has space to do more, like remove the rear seats completely and flip the front seats so that they face towards the rear. When seated in the vehicle, passengers will be able to enjoy luxuries like a 40-inch flat screen with access to television and the internet, so that passengers can truly stay connected and entertained. As far as design goes, the interior will be decked out with white diamond quilted leather and wood inserts and automatic leg lifts that will allow passengers to reach the height of comfort.

Kia poses that the driving for this car will be completely autonomous, simply controlled by hidden tablets in a customized center console. In the unveiling of this concept car, Kia stated that they plan to make this idea a reality by 2030. While it may be possible, since the technology is available, making a vehicle completely autonomous is not something that we see happening in the near future.

Wait it Out with Commonwealth Kia

A lot can happen in 13 years, but with the trends that we’ve seen take in the automotive industry over the years, the possibility of this concept coming to life as wholly as Kia imagined is a little far-fetched. While we’re waiting to find out what the future holds, start a new adventure in one of Kia’s currently available vehicles by visiting Commonwealth Kia today

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